Exceptional Ballet Class Music is hard to find.  Most CD’s available for purchase today offer re-worked versions of popular classics and do not lend themselves well to class exercises.   Music for ballet class must consider tempo, length, and phrasing.  If the music is too simplistic, it doesn’t inspire.  If the tracks are too short, the exercises suffer.  The wrong phrasing will compromise form, technique, and passion.


As principal pianist at Canada’s National Ballet School for over 20 years, Marina Surgan knows what works and what does not work for class.  Her music gives dancers a reason to dance.  And for the first time ever, her ballet class music is available to sample, order by mail, or purchase online.


Read the reviews.  Sample the music.   We guarantee you won’t find a better collection of ballet class music, anywhere.

Original Compositions for All Levels

Composed by Marina Surgan

Principal Pianist for Canada’s National Ballet School